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Party Lights & Lanterns (8)

Decorative Hanging Fans


Aussie Paper Lantern Garland


LED Lanterns


Honeycomb Decorating Kit


Light String 3m Lights


Giant Chinese Printed Lanterns


Large Honeycomb Balls


Medium Honeycomb Balls


Party Lights & Lanterns 

Nothing says a party like party lights & lanterns, and we have a stylish and elegant selection of lanterns in a variety of shades, styles and designs.

Whether you’re aiming for a bold statement, or something a little more subtle and restrained, our range is bound to have something that will make you and your guests light up.

Paper lanterns

These single colour paper lanterns are available in three different sizes — 35cm, 50cm and 75cm — and we have a great selection of shades and hues, all of which look wonderful when illuminated. If you’re feeling especially patriotic (or just like the look!), we also have special packs containing 6 red, white and blue paper lanterns.

Printed paper lanterns

When you’re looking for a bolder design concept, we have a selection of printed paper lanterns that are full of character and style including: Chinese paper lanterns, Australian flag paper lanterns, Cow print paper lanterns & Multicoloured, dot paper lanterns.

Nylon lanterns

These stylish 38cm nylon lanterns come in a range of colours and feature a battery operated light, so you can place them just about anywhere.

Honeycomb balls

Our honeycomb balls fold out to create an eye-catching effect, and they look good in any setting. We stock two sizes — large (35cm) and medium (25cm) — both of which are available in an array of bright and bold colours.

Hanging fans

Choose from an electric selection of colours, including gold, lime green, lavender, pale pink, turquoise, pastel blue, electric blue and magenta.


Call Party Town when you want to light up your next party

Party lights & lanterns are one of the best ways we know of turning a space into an event, so talk to Party Town before your next party and we will be happy to advise you on ow to create the brightest possible look. You can call us on (08) 9284 3700, or email us at corporate@partytown.com.au to find out more.