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Big Mouth Tattoo FX 2 Faced
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Big Mouth Tattoo FX 2 Faced


    Get gory and creep everyone out with this realistic-looking face tattoo. The Big Mouth Tattoo FX 2 Faced is a soft-blending, easy-to-use tattoo that can be easily applied with just water. It features a big toothy grin that's designed to go around your mouth for achieving the perfect creepy look this Halloween, or whenever you feel like it.

    Carefully cut open the package and remove the tattoo sheet. Cut around the tattoo and snip the white box in the center of the mouth. Make sure that skin is clean and free of any oil, dirt, makeup, or hair. Remove plastic from the tattoo to expose the sticky under part. Open your mouth and place the tattoo against it so that the open center part is in line with the open mouth. After securing the tattoo in place, wet the paper using a wet sponge. Peel away paper slowly. Wet your finger with water and press out any air bubbles in the tattoo. Improvise your look by applying additional makeup around the tattoo.

    Item Includes:

    1 x Big Mouth Tattoo FX 2 Faced