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Jumbo Dinosaur Apatosaurus Foil Balloon
  • SKU: 62846

Jumbo Dinosaur Apatosaurus Foil Balloon

From: $29.95

    He is the gentle giant of the Dinosaur world. This Supershape Apatosaurus Dinosaur Foil balloon is 46 in x 20 in (117 cm x 51 cm) has a blue and green mottled body with his long neck will add the herbivore element to your Jurassic party.Add some latex balloons for a centrepiece not to be forgotten at your table or add him to the pack with T-Rex, Stegosaurus, Raptor and Triceratops.

    The price for this balloon is for helium filled.

    *For the un-inflated price please contact the store*