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Medusa Glitter Snake Headband
Medusa Glitter Snake Headband

    Medusa Glitter Snake Headband


      Whatever you do, do not look into her eyes.

      She's the monster from Greek Mythology, who met her demise when she was beheaded by the Greek hero and son of Zeus, Perseus. Slay your enemies with a gaze when you transform yourself into Medusa and wear this Medusa Glitter Snake Headband. You may not be able to put snakes in your hair for real but this crown will give others an idea of who you are and how not to mess with you. Medusa was the youngest of three sisters and the most beautiful, so natural this crown shows the prettier side to being a monster. Crown is painted in gold with gold metallic glitter snake cutouts attached, looking as though they are slithering and moving on top of your head. Paint your face for the gods with metallic greens and golds, slip on a flowing toga and you'll become the Gorgon monster people feared. Just watch out for Perseus and his wielding sword!

      Item Includes:

      • Crown.

      Fit and Sizing:

      • One size fits most.