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Confetti Balloons (5)

Gender Reveal Balloon


24inch Custom Made Confetti Latex Balloon


Iridescent White Balloon Weight


12 inch Custom Made Confetti Latex Balloon (1-2)


1 Confetti Latex Balloon Bouquet


Confetti Balloons

Our confetti balloons come in a range of sizes and a huge array of colours, and can be made even more bright and colourful by the addition of accessories like fringes, streamers and coloured straws.

More than just everyday balloons, confetti balloons are the ideal accompaniment to any special event as they can be filled with helium and then either left to roam free, or they can have weights attached in order to make an elegant standing decoration. The confetti inside features a pallete of bright and bold colours, so you can choose a colour scheme that complements the style and theme of your event.

More about our great range of confetti balloons

Our confetti balloons come in a range of styles and sizes, and we can help you to select the right colours to complement your other decorations.

Jumbo Confetti Balloons 

These latex balloons are packed with bright and colourful confetti and come in an awesome range of colours to suit any occasion. To make them really stand out, we can also attach a bright fringe or colourful streamers, so wherever they are in the room, they are bound to be noticed!

Fancy Pop Balloons

These smaller confetti balloons (12cm) also come with a fancy striped straw attached, and so are ideal as either a gift or an eye-catching cake topper.

Gender Reveal Balloon

These are the ideal way to create suspense and surprise at a baby shower or gender reveal party. Made to be popped, when you do you are showered in either pink or blue confetti so your friends and family know at a glance just who is on their way! These balloons also come with ribbons and a weight so that once they are filled, they can stand proud as the centrepiece in the room.

Confetti Balloon Three Pack

We have packs of multi-coloured balloons that are pre-filled with confetti that you can inflate yourself (with air or helium) where and when you need them.

Speak to Party Town to find the best confetti balloons

No matter what sort of confetti balloons you are looking for, at Party Town we can help you find what you need. Give us a call on (08) 9284 3700 or email us at corporate@partytown.com.au to find out more.