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Hanging Decorations (167)

Arcade Garland


Aussie Paper Lantern Garland


Australia Swirl Decoration


Australia Table Decorating Kit


Autograph Garland For A New Baby


Azure Blue Crepe Streamers


Baby Shower Banner


Birthday Banners For Girls


Black Crepe Streamers


Black Fluffy Decorations 3Pk


Black Honeycomb Ball Large


Black Paper Fluffy Decoration


Bloody Drape


Blue Crepe Streamers


Blue Honeycomb Ball 15 cm Pack 2


Hanging & Paper Decorations 

If you want to be sure that you’re making an impact and really getting your message across at your next event, check out our wonderful selection of hanging & paper decorations. Suitable for every sort of celebration you can think of, from a small scale kid’s party to a big time corporate do, we can supply you with all the decorations you’ll ever need.

We have it all, including fringing, skirting, garlands, banners, bunting, swirls, streamers, ribbons and tissue decorations, so no matter what sort of look, style or theme you’re aiming for, Party Town will bring it to life.

Banners and garlands

We have banners and garlands with words and good wishes, flags and national symbols, characters and toys — in fact, we have a banner or a hanging garland with just about any sort of message or image or you can think of:


  • Happy Birthday
  • Happy Anniversary
  • Bon Voyage
  • Congratulations on your Engagement
  • It’s a Boy/It’s a Girl
  • National flags
  • Day of the Dead
  • Chinese New Year
  • Fun messages for themed parties
  • Kids’ characters and toys

We also stock a great selection of other types of hanging & paper decorations as well including: Streamers in a range of colours, Hanging swirls in a variety of themes, String decorations featuring a range of different figures and characters, Wall decorations, Metallic fringes and skirting, Fold out honeycomb balls & Themed door decorations


Talk to Party Town before you plan your next event

When it comes to knowing what makes a party or celebration look great, nobody beats Party Town, and our huge range of hanging & paper decorations means we have something for every occasion. Call us on (08) 9284 3700, or email us at corporate@partytown.com.au, and talk to us about how you can make your next party look even better.