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Party Accessories (559)

Mini Pineapple Pinata Decoration


Inflatable Jumbo Palm Tree


Encanto Create Your Own Paper Kraft Bag


Meri Meri Blue Pirate Party Hats Set of 8


Meri Meri Rocket Party Bags - Pack of 8


Sparkling Celeb HBD Mini Office Decorating Kit


St Patrick's Day Tattoo Sleeve


The Secret Life of Pets Loot Bags


Lively Ladybugs Loot Bags


Little Princess Loot Bags


Luxe Mesh Beach Bag


Jungle Snake Whirls 24inch 5 Pack


Jungle Safari Insta-Mural


Jungle Safari Animal Mini Centerpieces 8pk


Jungle Vine Streamer Jointed 1.23m


Jungle Animal Silhouettes 10pk 6.75in - 15.25in


Party Accessories - 

Our range of party accessories is pretty big and pretty awesome!

No matter what style or size of children’s party you’re throwing — whether you’re going the whole hog with a themed party, for instance, or you just want fun, colourful toys and decorations that will appeal to your kids and their friends — we have everything you need and more at Party Town.

We stock a huge range of decorative features, fun toys and creative costumes that can transform just about anywhere into a party paradise. If you’re filling your guests’ party bags, playing for prizes, or just want some enjoyable toys and games that will engage and entertain kids of all ages, at Party Town we have just what you’re looking for.

Our party accessories include toys, games and accessories that are designed specifically for girls and boys, plus plenty of fun, action-packed stuff that everyone can enjoy. And no matter how old your party guests are, we’ll have a range of age appropriate items for you to choose from.

Talk to Party Town when you need party accessories

Our collection of party accessories is one of the biggest and best in Australia. Check out our great range for yourself, including: loot bags and party bags, party masks and hats, gold trophies, medals and coins, inflatable toys, animals, musical instruments and more, kids’ tattoos, confetti blasters and poppers, toys and balls in all shapes and sizes for prizes and party favours, water guns and slingshots, glasses, hair accessories and earrings, ribbons, bows, wrapping paper and gift tags, birthday badges, photo booth props…plus much, much more!

Party Town specialises in creating parties for all!

As you can see from the huge range of party accessories featured here, we stock just about everything anyone could ever need to make a kids’ party a soaraway success. However, if by any chance you can’t find what you’re looking for, please don’t hesitate to call us on (08) 9284 3700 or email us at corporate@partytown.com.au and we’ll see what we can do for you.