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Poppers & Noisemakers (13)

Party Poppers 50 Pk


Star Wars Classic Blowouts - Pack of 8


Confetti Blaster


Twist Poppers - Multicoloured


Jumbo Twist Party Popper 60cm


Pack of 50 Blowouts


Confetti Filled Twist Popper


Prismatic Poppers


Boy or Girl Confetti Popper


Party Poppers 20 Pk


Dog Party Blowouts 8 pk


Candy Striped Party Blowouts 8 Pack


Unicorn Sparkle Blowouts 8 pk


Poppers & Noise Makers

If you’re looking for noise, if you’re looking for colour, if you’re looking for fun and excitement, then you can’t go past the great range of Party Town poppers & noise makers.

We stock just about everything that makes a honk, a blast, a boom or a bang, from blowouts, to air horns, to confetti blasters, and much, much more. After a visit to Party Town, no guest will never be able to say that any party you throw is too quiet!

Poppers & Noise Makers from Party Town

We stock a great range of fun toys and novelties that are designed to make your party go off with a bang — literally! Check out this great range below.

  • Twist poppers — filled with confetti and excellent for making an impact at any sort of event
  • Air horns — an easy way to make sure your party is a real blast (comes complete with 60g of gas)
  • Confetti blasters and poppers — when simply throwing confetti just isn’t enough!
  • Blowouts — the classic party novelty; give them a blow and watch them grow (variety of colours and characters available)
  • Party poppers — the all-time classic popper, where you get a bang and a shower of streamers
  • Prismatic poppers — they look like normal party hats, but pull the string and watch them go off
  • Confetti crackers — they have all the classic cracker gifts inside, but come with the added bonus of a confetti shower when you pull!

Let Party Town show you how to create the big bang!

Our huge range of poppers & noise makers features some of our most popular toys and novelties, and it’s not hard to see why! When you want to make sure an event really goes off, call Party Town on (08) 9284 3700, or email us at corporate@partytown.com.au, and we’ll show you how to make your party pop.