Balloon Arrangement Ideas

Did you know we provide helium balloon inflation in-store? We sell a huge range of latex and foil balloons for any occasion. Simply walk in, choose your balloons and let us know you'd like us to inflate and arrange them for you. 

Our staff are experts in designing arragements for all types of occasions from casual birthday surprises to full-blown corporate events!

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Walk-in orders accepted

Pre-orders required for Fridays and Saturdays (call to place your order the day before).

Delivery available*

On orders over $50 to these postcodes:  6008, 6009, 6010, 6011, 6012, 6014, 6015, 6159

Custom printing available*

Must be ordered at least a week in advance to allow for printing time and availability.

Helium Latex Balloon Order Options

Not sure what's available? Here's a quick list of order options for latex helium-filled balloons. We provide the balloons and the helium. Each of our latex balloons are filled with a special liquid that extends their life longer than balloons you find elsewhere.

How long do they last?
Once blown up, they will last 1-2 days. If you are looking for something more long-lasting, our Foil Balloons tend to stay up for about 1 week (sometimes longer!) and can be brought in for re-fills.

Individual Latex Inflation (for single heluim inflation up to 9 balloons)

Latex Balloons
Type/FinishPrice (estimated)
12 inch / 30cm (standard)Fashion (flat) / Metallicfrom $4.50
12 inch / 30cm (standard)Chromefrom $5.50
16 inch / 40cm Fashion (flat) / Metallicfrom $15.95
16 inch / 40cmChromeNot Available
24 inch / 60cmFashion (flat) / Metallicfrom $44.95
36 inch / 90cmFashion (flat) / Metallicfrom $64.95

Balloon Bouquet Arrangements* all prices and sizes are examples

Quantity (Latex Balloons)
Price (estimated)
3 in a bunchfrom $19.50
4 in a bunchfrom $28.00
6 in a bunchfrom $35.00
8 in a bunchfrom $42.00
10 in a bunchfrom $54.00
10+ in a bunchfrom $60.00

Custom Print Balloons

Sometimes you want something a little more personalised. In that case, we can custom print balloons for you! 

Custom prints start from $17.00. Please call or email us for an exact quote based on the print you're after. 


Need inspiration for your balloon arrangement?

We can do any of the arrangements in the photos below. If you're stuck or not super creative, you can pick one of the styles below and we can replicate it!


Bunch of assorted Luxe Foil Heart Balloons


Bouquet of 2 Pastle Blue Orbz Balloons


Gorgeoys arrangement of pastel mint and purple latex balloons with a green seahorse foil balloon and a pastel lilac #5 foil balloon.


Pastel mint green bouquet of 6x latex balloons in pearl white, flat pastel mint and pearl pastel mint with a pastel mint #1 foil balloon.


16 inch confetti balloon - you can pick any confetti colours you desire! 


A stunning gold & silver arrangement with chrome gold and chrome silver latex balloons, a champagne foil balloon and a 36 inch confetti balloon with gold and silver confetti! 


8 latex balloon bouquet in chrome fuschia, chrome hot pink and chrome rose gold, and three clear confettis with a pink happy birthday orbz balloon and an ombre pink orbz.


A fun rainbow birthday arrangement! Happy birthday printed latex balloons, rainbow star foil balloons and a rainbow 90 foil balloon.


Got a baby on the way? Get a baby shower arrangement like this one! Featuring our pink Oh Baby foil balloon and 3 latex balloons in a bouquet.


A cute swan arrangement for a 1st birthday. Featuring a #1 Pink Foil Balloon, Swan Supershape Foil Balloon, a SIlver Luxe Heart Foil and 3 latex balloons in a bouquet.


Get coronation ready... Our Gold Crown Foil Balloon in a bouquet with 1 gold chrome latex balloon and 2 purple metallic latex balloons.


Add some luxury! Featuring 1x 24 inch confetti balloon with cystom gold confetti and gold tassells and 2x gold orbz with gold tassells.


A beautiful blue arragement featuring: 1x 24 inch confetti balloon with custom blue confetti, 1x dark blue orbz, 1x silver printed latex balloon and 1x metallic blue latex balloon.


Classic #9 Magenta on a weight with bright, fun tassels.


Who can resist unicorns? Featuring 1x unicorn supershape foil, 6x pastel latex balloons and 2x 16 inch confettis with pastel confetti colours.


Featured in a client's house! #1 and #2 silver foil balloon and a bouquet with 1x aqua orbz, aqua star foil, 16 inch confetti balloon and 1x silver balloon.


Beautiful luxe garland in black, chrome silver
and chrome gold. 


Beautiful sage green colours - a bouquet of 6 in white, chrome green and eucalyptus latex balloons.


A bunch of loose pastel latex balloons. Perfect to float on your ceiling for a special event.


A bouquet of 9 latex balloons in silver, pink and white, with a pink happy birthday orbz and an air-filled #1 Pink Foil Balloon with an assortment of air-filled balloons underneath.


2x rose gold orbz, 3x clear confetti latex balloons and pearl rose gold latex balloons in a bouquet.


A beautiful pink arrangement of heart foils, confetti balloons and orbz balloons!


We're fully stocked with Foil Numbers in all colours!


Did you know our confetti balloons come with different size choices of confetti? Choose from small to large size and mix it up to add a layered look!


A cute bouquet for a boy's 2nd birthday. Featuring our red #2 foil balloon, dinosaur supershape foil balloon and three latex balloons.


A delicate 2nd birthday bouquet featuring our pink #2 Foil Number and 5x latex balloons in pearl pink and pearl white.


Bouquet of 5 latex balloons with a luxe heart foil and a foil happy birthday balloon in pink.


We do stunning balloon garlands! This one is a mix of dusty pinks and cream balloons, with chrome rose gold sprinkled in. Garlands are air-filled and custom-arranged.


Clear balloon with custom print. Needs to be ordered at least a week in advance. 


Bouquet featuring 1 custom print white orbz, two mint latex balloons and two clear confettis with black and white confetti.


Huge bouquet of purples and pinks, featuring a few clear 12 inch confettis 


A perfect choice for Valentines - our red luxe heart foils.

Place your order

Call us to place an order over the phone or feel free to walk in and we can blow up your  balloon arrangement on the spot!

If you prefer to email, email us on and we will get back to you within 1-2 business days.