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Light Blue 15ml Face Paint

What a perfect colour this light blue costume makeup is to paint yourself like a Smurf! Don’t worry we aren’t just limiting this beautiful sky blue cream makeup to The Smurfs, you could use it for literally anything! Let your creativity take control and create something spectacular with this 15ml tube of blue makeup. Whether you want to create small detailed fine lines or smother your face in this cream makeup and use it like a foundation, your options are endless.


  • 15ml small tube of face and body paint
  • Light baby blue in colour
  • Soft paste/liquid texture and brightly pigmented on the skin
  • Quick drying with a soft velvety feel and non-smudge finish once dried
  • Makeup is:
    • Water based
    • Vegan friendly
    • Cruelty free
    • Hypoallergenic
    • Non-staining
    • Can be used on skin, hair and clothes
    • Non-toxic and safe for children
    • Easily washes off with soapy water
    • 100% Australian owned company
Directions for use:
  • Shake well before use. Squeeze the 15ml tube gently to dispense the product, either straight onto the skin or a container to mix colours. No skin prep is required. Create your design with a brush, fingers, sponge or dilute with water for airbrushing. To avoid smudging when painting multiple coats and layering colours, wait until the first colour is dry to the touch before applying the next coat. Multiple coats may be needed to achieve desired opacity. Wash off with warm water and soap.

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