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PFE Helium Jumbo Balloon Tank
  • SKU: 204529

PFE Helium Jumbo Balloon Tank

From: $99.95

    The NEW Parties for Everyone Helium balloon Jumbo tank is now available in a new smaller size, but has the same helium capacity is available in this smaller tank as the previous bigger model!

    BALLOONS AND RIBBON ARE NOT INCLUDED WITH THIS TANK, allowing you to purchase your desired balloons separately and create your own decorations. 

    This tank will fill approximately  50 x  9" / 23 cm latex balloons (latex balloon float time is approx 5-7 hours)  OR  27 x 11" / 28 cm latex balloons  OR 27 x 18" / 46 cm Foil Balloons.  

    Party Town do not support the release of helium filled balloons into the atmosphere.  When using this product, you are also encouraged to follow these guidelines and secure your balloons to a ribbon and weight and pop and bin it when finished with your balloons. For more information about best practice and our environment, please visit www.peba.com.au

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