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Customising Kit Refill for Deluxe Fangs by Scarecrow

    Customising Kit Refill for Deluxe Fangs by Scarecrow

      Scarecrow's Deluxe Customizing Refill Kit allows you to refit your fangs without needing to purchase a new set. The fangs are perfectly contoured to provide you with a vampiric look that does not limit your ability to speak. They are equipped with an all-inclusive kit, designed for on-the-spot application.

      How to use:

      • Open capsules into mixing container provided and squirt four drops of liquid into the container.
      • Mix with stirring stick until the solution thickens. Use the stick to scoop out the solution and apply to the inside of the fang.
      • Place fang over canines, incisors or bottom teeth and wait five minutes.
      • Repeat the previous step on the second fang, and wait 15 minutes to allow the mold to set.
      • After molding, your fangs can be reused by simply snapping them back in!

      For ages 14 & up.