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Scarecrow Vampire Fangs - Glow In The Dark

Scarecrow Vampire Fangs - Glow In The Dark


    Create your Glow Vampire look this Halloween with these Glow In The Dark Deluxe Vampire Fangs.

    These high quality fangs deliver the best hi-definition quality realism that professional TV and film make-up artists, actors and stage performers depend on.

    Small Glow-in-the-Dark Deluxe Custom Fangs are designed for people with smaller teeth, or those looking for a subtler look. They may fit either canines and/or incisors or bottom teeth. Fast, easy, comfortable, and totally realistic. Natural color fang caps are shiny, rigid and beautifully contoured to look great in any mouth.

    On-the-spot customizing is fast, easy, and only needs to be done once. Everything you need is included, no additional utensils and no boiling water necessary. Once customized, fangs fit with a unique mold of your tooth inside that allows you to snap them on or off, quickly and easily (no thermoplastic partial plate around adjacent teeth).